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These are removable appliances that replace missing teeth (partial denture) or all the teeth (full denture). They can be designed for both the top and bottom jaws.

Dentures rely on support (from gums or teeth), stability (underlying bone or teeth) and retention (saliva, teeth, clasps, and border seal) to be comfortably and efficiently working in the mouth.

Full Denture 

Full dentures are worn by patients who are missing all their teeth, either on their upper, lower or both of their jaws. They are made from a plastic material and can be designed with your choice of tooth shape and colour.

Implant Retained Dentures

Implant retained dentures often provide greater stability and comfort for the denture wearer. The implants need to be surgically fitted to the patient by a dentist or oral surgeon/specialist, after which dentures can be constructed which attach to the implants to aid in retention.

Partial Denture

A partial denture can replace teeth either on the upper or lower jaw. This helps to maintain the integrity of the remaining teeth, as well as improving one’s appearance and their ability to eat. A partial denture can be made from acrylic, metal alloys or flexible materials, all of which have specific suitability’s.

Denture Relines

Relining a denture can be completed on both full and partial dentures. Relining a denture is a procedure carried out when there has been considerable bone and gum resorption which makes the denture loose or unstable. Generally, this occurs when the patient has had teeth extracted. Sometimes there can be enough natural bone and gum loss over a period to also warrant a reline. The ability to carry out a reline procedure can depend on the age of the denture.
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Denture Repairs

Our denture repairs are usually completed within 2-3 days. An appointment is required to bring your denture in. The patient will be informed of any cost and time the denture will be ready for collection prior to any work being undertaken. In some cases, an impression may be required. The patient will need to make an appointment for this procedure.

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