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A smile that is beautiful, white, and natural-looking can give you a self confidence boost and make you proud to display your teeth. That’s why an increasingly popular treatment option is teeth whitening. As we age, there are many factors that can mean your teeth are no longer as white and bright as they once were. Kalamunda Dental Care is your local Teeth Whitening dentist in Kalamunda, Perth, Guildford, Midland, Lesmurdie, Forrestfield & surrounds who specialises in teeth whitening.

The foods and drink we consume, some medications, and the natural ageing process can all contribute to darkening of your tooth enamel. If you are unhappy about your smile because it is not as white as it used to be, you may be lacking confidence which can affect your ability to perform at your best, both in the workplace and socially. Fortunately, we can offer you a safe and effective tooth whitening procedure to help.

In-chair whitening

Maybe you were eating something, and a tooth or filling has broken. It might be at the front and you’re too embarrassed to go to work or do your daily activities in case people see it. Or it might not be visible but it’s rubbing on your tongue or your cheek. At Kalamunda Dental Centre we can fix it for you.

You’ve knocked a tooth loose. The tooth may have already been loose, or it may have been loosened by a fall, a sporting injury, or some other accident. Regardless, we need to examine it and adjust it back into the correct position.

Your tooth has come out completely. Again, this may be due to an accident of some sort, or it may already have been loose. It’s important that you either put it straight back into your mouth or keep it in a glass of milk until you come in to see us as your emergency dentist.

You’ve had a knock to your mouth or head and want it checked. You might not be able to see or feel any damage, but if you or your child has had an accident involving the mouth, you must have it checked urgently.

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At-home whitening kits.

An alternative tooth whitening treatment that fits in around your busy schedule is our at-home whitening system.We supply custom-made trays resembling a sports mouthguard for you to use at home. Special whitening gel is applied into the trays, which are then worn overnight. Your whitening treatment can take 2 weeks to achieve your desired shade, although you will start to notice a significant difference after just a few days.

All our teeth whitening methods are completely safe to use. To enhance the longevity of your whitening treatment, we will happily offer advice on the lifestyle and food choices you can make to prolong your results. Smoking or eating strongly dyed foods will discolour your teeth much more quickly, but with our recommended care routine, many of our patients attain a brighter smile that can be maintained.

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