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Wisdom tooth Removal

Your Expert in Wisdom Teeth Removal

At Kalamunda Dental Care, we have plenty of patients coming to see us for wisdom teeth removals, we can often remove wisdom teeth in chair potentially saving you thousands of dollars in hospital and anaesthetist fees.

Wisdom teeth extractions are performed often at Kalamunda Dental Care. In more complex cases where general anaesthetic is indicated, we will refer you to an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon to be done at the hospital.

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Problems With Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom Teeth normally erupt between the ages of 18-24. Many people are unaware that they have wisdom teeth until it starts piercing through the gums. As humans are evolving our jaws are getting smaller as our diets are much more refined than that of our ancestors. As such there is little room for wisdom teeth to come through causing them to be impacted.

Did you know that impacted wisdom teeth can lead to all kinds of oral health problems including pain, swelling, bad breath and infections? They can move and damage the surrounding teeth and if left untreated, the infections can spread resulting in a multitude of other health problems.

When Do You Need to Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Wisdom teeth may need to be removed if they have the following problems:

Infection: When an impacted wisdom tooth starts to push through, it can irritate the skin around it is making it red and swollen (Pericoronitis). This inflammation or infection of the gum can often be painful and cause stiffness of the jaw.

Crowding: An impacted Wisdom Tooth can cause movement of nearby teeth away from the original position

Crowding: An impacted Wisdom Tooth can cause movement of nearby teeth away from the original position.

Cysts: Fluid-filled sacs or cysts can sometimes develop around unerupted wisdom teeth. These cysts can grow larger in size if not removed, damaging the bone and jaw around it

Damage to molars: Wisdom teeth erupting at an angle can push against adjacent molars damaging both teeth in the process difficulty cleaning them due to reach

At Kalamunda Dental Care our dentist has extensive training and experience in the safe and effective practices of removing these wisdom teeth under local anaesthetic. These procedures can be done safely in chair, the patient is completely numb and will feel no pain!

If you live in Kalamunda or nearby and are having trouble with your wisdom teeth, a consult with Kalamunda Dental Care will provide you with your best treatment options.

If you have been referred to have your wisdom teeth removed and are unable to meet the costs or simply just a second opinion, feel free to book a consultation with our Dental Surgeons to discuss ALL YOUR OPTIONS.

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