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General dentistry is a branch of medicine that focuses on the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of a range of conditions and disorders of the oral cavity and associated structures in the human body.

Oral diseases do not just affect your teeth. Numerous studies suggest that infections found in the mouth can trigger the inflammatory response in the rest of your body, with far-reaching medical implications. Serious health conditions associated with oral infections include cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, and autoimmune disorders.

Modern healthcare is not and never completed until you look after your teeth and gums, and that happens to be our specialty! At Kalamunda Dental Care, our experienced team of dental professionals takes a holistic approach to both preventative and therapeutic treatments. We believe that proper oral care and hygiene is the gateway to maintaining a healthy mind, body, and soul.

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As Dental experts, we are committed to the frontline role we play in maintaining the oral health of our local communities. We adopt an Active Maintenance program that considers all facets of oral healthcare, including Routine at-home cleaning, periodic visits for oral exams and professional cleaning, oral hygiene education, nutritional programs, gum disease prevention, etc. In addition, we offer a diverse range of services within the general dentistry Kalamunda, Perth framework that covers cosmetic and restorative dentistry.

All tooth and gum pain can cause a great deal of discomfort. It may also potentially become a life-threatening emergency. At Kalamunda Dental Care we understand how distressing oral pain can be and we strive to make ourselves available to every patient no matter what the circumstances are, or the time of day. All oral discomfort can worsen very quickly, and it is essential to seek professional help or an emergency dentist in Sydney as soon as possible.

Our dentists at Kalamunda Dental Care are experienced in treating emergency cases. Our dental staff will make your comfort a priority. Once your treatment is successful and your pain has been reduced our dentists will provide a complete dental plan for you that will help you avoid and further unwanted relapses.

Our General Dental Services

Here are some of the basic dental treatments that we offer here at Kalamunda Dental Care.

Oral Examination and Professional Cleaning

We provide a comprehensive oral exam to monitor the progress of your dental health. Using sophisticated diagnostic tools and technology, we will check for dental issues or underlying problems that may necessitate further investigation or action. During the same visit, we will give your oral cavity a thorough wash and clean, to remove plaque and tartar that normal brushing and flossing fail to reach or dislodge.

Wisdom Teeth

We can assess the status of your wisdom teeth through an x-ray aided diagnosis to find out where there is cause for concern. If you are diagnosed with impacted wisdom teeth, we offer a safe removal process.

Root Canal Therapy

If your tooth has been compromised by severe tooth decay or injury, a root canal therapy is designed to save your tooth, so it doesn’t need to be extracted.

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